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Fifty OneFifty

kansas based hacker/podcaster/linux guy "How to Get Yourself On an Open Source Podcast"

Hal Gottfried

james o keating

james at

Alan Robertson

Jonathan George


"Crowdfunding, open source, and you. How to make a living doing what you love and giving back."

Andrew Beals

Kansas City *

Jim Duey


Andrew Rademacher

Brian Stinson

"RPM Building 101" talk/demo for the Kansas Linux Fest. I'm planning to cover the following topics:

I'd like one of the 1 hour slots if possible.

Andrew Gill

Haskell KU

Michael Goetz

Manager, Solutions Engineering

Alexandru Bardas

Spencer Hunley

Seth Etter

Application Developer at BalancedComp

Founder of devICT - Wichita Developer Community

Topic: The rise of node and npm

Dave Stokes

MySQL Community Manager at Oracle *

Dave Lester

Open Source Developer Advocate at Twitter Apache Mesos/Aurora

Frank Wiles

Kevin Lane

Linux Certifications I will be discussing the different types of certifications available for Linux, as well as diving into the requirements for each certification, training paths and costs.

My goal is twofold, one to educate the community on the different certification paths, and two to provide information on the most cost-effective way to get certified. (with as little money as possible!)

Jacob Walker

Jacob is a Wichita based software engineer with 5 years of professional experience. He is a co-organizer of devICT, Wichita's developer community. He has been involved in many types of custom software projects and most recently has taken on the role of running Ad Astra Academy, a developer training program in Wichita.

Presentation: Getting Started With Go

This presentation introduces the programming language Go with an emphasis on what makes the language different, how to get started, and how to be a successful gopher.

Jeff Roberson Network Administrator City of Hutchinson

I'm the network administrator for the City of Hutchinson and we are running sipXecs which is based on Freeswitch. We have around 250 phones on the system and I didn't know if it would be fitting to have a talk about how the network here was built out to support VoIP as well as a discussion about Asterisk vs Freeswitch and how we decided to use one over the other. I could also discuss the merits of Asterisk and Freeswitch and how one would work better in different situations.

Craig Comstock

Open Hardware hacking GSM network security hacking via Osmocom

Ben C. Roose

Systems Administrator for Dept. of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Wichita State University, which includes handling a number of departmental Linux servers and Debian-based LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) labs. Also the 2014/15 president of the WSU Linux Users Group (WuLUG):

Tutorial on Linux File Access Control

An introduction to file and directory permissions in Unix, concepts of the Extend filesystem structure, and basic theory of hard/soft links with practical applications.