The list of speakers for KLF 2016 has not yet been determined! If you are interested in being a speaker, read on. Otherwise check back here for updates. We'll post the list on this page once it has been decided.

What kind of topics are relevant?

Although the name of the conference is Kansas Linux Fest we welcome a wide range of topics for talks and presentations:

  • Linux distros and utilities
  • Open source software and programming languages
  • Linux and POSTIX tutorials
  • Systems administration, server deployment, and Dev-Ops tutorials
  • Cyber-security of open source and POSTIX systems
  • Open knowledge and education
  • Academic papers and new research within open source technologies
  • Communities built around open source technology
  • Open hardware
  • Anything else considered "open"

How do I sign up to be a speaker?

Currently we are working on getting a list of speakers for our conference. If you are interested in providing a topic to speak on please email us at [email protected] or fill out the form below and we will be in touch!